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At the dawn of the health crisis, the collective surrounded itself with passionate experts to first offer online its first vintage pieces. The Internet having become the favorite playground of vintage fashion, success is immediately there.

GIGI PARIS in thea selection of 5 vintage jewelry brands according to ELLE magazine! 


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Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and our jewelry is nonetheless responsible. Research regularly shows the damage caused by mining, and the consumption of water, energy and the release of carbon dioxide to produce gold are singled out. For information, the extraction of a gram of gold requires more than 250 liters of water and emits about 36 grams of CO000. To overcome this, more and more young designers prefer to do something new with old and adopt a responsible and sustainable approach. By finding vintage jewelry and reworking and assembling it in a modern way, some brands are betting on circular fashion. Focus on 2 French brands that have made upcycled jewelry their specialty. 


GIGI PARIS in the 11 Fashion of Tomorrow brands according to Les Éclaireuses <3

An article that makes you want to go slow fashion so much! We give you our favorite extracts:
"The wind is turning ... Do you feel this little air of freshness? The fashionable weather forecast is formal! It is the responsible tornado which will invade the fashion sphere."

"So what if this Christmas, we offer change? This year, we want the beautiful, the magnificent, the original but above all the responsible!"

"Ethical or simply transparent brands, with responsible and inclusive approaches that deserve to be celebrated.
It is through their commitment, their philosophy, their vision, without forgetting their creations that we do not want to leave that these brands impose themselves as nuggets to follow to end fast-fashion once and for all "

"GIGI PARIS is the first brand of vintage jewelry but it is also the pioneer in upcycled couture jewelry. Why always produce more when we already have something to do with what circulates on the earth?"

"In short, golden gifts that are sure to leave everyone in awe."

So but SO proud to be one of Les Éclaireuses' 11 Fashion of Tomorrow brands <3



GIGI PARIS in Madame Figaro's jewelry favorites

We are super proud that a newspaper as iconic as Madame Figaro fell in love with our brand, and in particular for our upcycled jewelry.

Our favorite passage: "Seeing that Gigi paris launched its nice project in January 2020, two months before the health crisis, we could say that the Parisian brand was unlucky. And yet, their young business has absolutely not known the crisis. Because the founding idea of ​​the house could only please, go viral and be led to grow. "



GIGI PARIS fashion buzz from Do It In Paris

The pretty words of Do It In Paris <3

GIGI PARIS at 19:45 on M6 

For the Conscious Festival, eco-responsible brands have invaded La Caserne, this mecca for Responsible Fashion in Paris. The trend that emerges is upcycling, with GIGI PARIS at the forefront of jewelry.

GIGI PARIS on one of Télérama

Eureka Fripe, Patatam, Vinted… Clothing antiques are popular. In fifteen years, the second-hand market has exploded. More economical, greener, second-hand clothes have invaded our wardrobes. A new way of consuming?


GIGI PARIS in the selection of responsible jewelry Cosmopolitan

We are super proud that they flashed on our selection of vintage jewelry and on our upcycled jewelry from vintage buttons from our favorite Fashion Houses. 


Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry Cosmopolitan Press


GIGI PARIS in the favorite selection of the Petit Club Madame Figaro

They have cracked a upcycled necklace, ideal gift for Valentine's Day.


Gigi Paris Vintage Figaro Jewelry

Behind the scenes of the GIGI PARIS pop up at BHV at Sortir in Paris

At GIGI, we are convinced that the only way not to pollute is to not produce. To combine style and conviction, we join the Go For Good campaign and take our fall quarters at BHV. 


Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry Press Going out in Paris