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Gigi Paris Vintage Jewel



At GIGI PARIS, curation begins with choosing partners. Each antique dealer, each collector has his own story, his own style, his own expertise. 

And it's very good like that!  

Nothing is worse for us than always offering the same selections, the same patterns, the same colors. The very ones we see all day long on glossy paper. 

Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry

Our selection 


Every week, we hand-pick the crème de la crème of vintage jewelry. 

High fashion jewelry

At GIGI, we love exceptional pieces, whether signed or not. Between fantasy and fine jewelry, each of our jewels has a nice patina over time and has proven hands down that it can resist it. 

quality jewelry

It is unthinkable for us to offer you a damaged piece of jewelry or one on the verge of giving up the ghost. As long as to cause a crush on our jewelry, you might as well give love a chance to rhyme with forever. 

Jewelry offered at the right price

Our prices reflect the quality, rarity and condition of the jewelry. They also reflect the time spent hunting them down and pampering them. But above all, for a similar product, our jewelry is at the same price, even cheaper, than new jewelry.