About Us

Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry Brand

The crème de la crème of vintage jewelry  


Created in January 2020, GIGI PARIS is a collective of antique dealers and passionate collectors who selects the crème de la crème of vintage jewelry.  


A favorite. 

This is what makes us choose each new antique dealer. 

Everyone has their own story. 

To each his own style.

Everyone has their favorite jewelry.


At GIGI, you will find a new arrival of freshly picked vintage nuggets, high-end designer pieces as well as passionately imagined upcycled jewelry

At GIGI, you will also discover great stories. 


They say the story of passionate antique dealers, who crisscross the roads of France to unearth treasures nicely weathered by time. 

They say the story of unconventional creators, who break free from trends to offer exceptional creations.  

They say the story of responsible fashion without compromise, which turns to vintage jewelry to mix eras and inspirations.  


Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry Values

Values ​​promoted loud and clear 

High Quality 

Quality is sacred. We say no to planned obsolescence! 

Nothing worse for us than a piece that we love that snaps between our fingers. 


We do not offer a selection ultra polished and dubbed by the gurus of good taste. We propose a varied and colorful selection, to help you express out loud what you are feeling quietly.

Respect for the planet and people 

By choosing to tap into the existing, we limit the risk of damaging our beautiful planet a little more and of making a worker work in indecent conditions on the other side of the world.