🍊❄️ The man in Calabria – GIGI PARIS

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🍊❄️ The man in Calabria
🍊❄️ The man in Calabria
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🍊❄️ The man in Calabria

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The prettiest candle in Paris


After turning the jewelry market around by transforming vintage buttons into jewelry, the Fashion market by inventing luxury version upcycling, we weren't going to stop there! It is now the waste of the perfume industry that we are attacking: we find bottles to transform them into wonderful delicately scented candles.

Spark plug

Bottle : It is a bottle n5 in 100 ml. Our bottles are vintage, they are therefore all different from each other and may have some small flaws.

Scent: NWe have created a delicate fragrance honoring Italy with captivating notes of mandarin and bergamot.

Your GIGI PARIS candle for life: We offer unlimited candles in your bottle. Contact us on instagram <3

Benefit from 10 euros offered valid on the entire GIGI PARIS store if you bring / send us an empty perfume bottle. It will make your neighbor happy.


We searched for empty perfume bottles. Then, as with all our products, we pushed the ecological approach to the end.

Did you know that paraffins, the main component of candles that we buy in stores (even very expensive ones), are derived from petroleum? That we are made to breathe at home for hours! Charming. At GIGI PARIS we design the products that we would like to consume. We therefore proceeded as follows:

1) A vegan, natural and biodegradable wax
We chose soy wax, guaranteed GMO-free and pesticide-free 100% biodegradable and natural. Thus, it does not emit any toxic substance and guarantees a healthy environment. Our wax is not tested on animals. 

2) Healthy, safe and oily fragrances <3
Grasse the city of Perfume. How we had fun developing these wonderful scents for you. Come and discover them quickly and give us your opinions on Instagram!

3) Eco-friendly bits
Our wicks are untreated cotton or wood, and lead free, unlike often. They comply with the European REACH regulation.

4) Our candles are hand poured here in Paris

Here is one of the few candles using products that are respectful not only of the environment, but also of your home and your health, un ideal gift for Christmas 🌲🕯️