We are recruiting 3 work-study students at the start of the 2021 school year: 

Position 1: Alternating communication & sales upcycling department


Hierarchy: Upcycling Product Manager


Role: Implementation of the communication strategy and management of the operational calendar in order to develop the customer base of GIGI PARIS in the upcycled jewelry category and strengthen the brand image.


Main Responsibilities:


-Management drops bi-monthly: creation of capsules, creation of visuals, writing of product sheets

-Creation of content for networks: stories, reals and posts for different platforms, including Instagram

-Operational development retail: communication and inventory management with physical points of sale (pop-up stores, major brands, concept stores, boutique)

-Analysis monthly performance review: once a month, you will have to make an “inventory” of sales for the month with a comparison of previous months. A presentation will be requested with recommendations and suggestions for the following month (s).


Required Skills :


-Ability to create visual or editorial content

-Master of the main social networks and in particular Instagram

-Master of the Adobe suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign)

- Editing skills is a plus

-Master or knowledge of the Shopify platform is a plus


Required profile :

-Bac +3 in communication


-Tech-savvy 🤳

-Mindset problem-solving

-Creative 🎨

- Perfect command of the French language, other languages ​​are a plus ✍️

- Follower of jewelry, vintage or second-hand 💍👛

-Motivated and friendly 💃


I am applying here


Position 2: Alternating communication & vintage department sales


HierarchyVintage Product Manager


Role : Develop the vintage communication strategy to reach a new premium target


Main missions :

-Communication strategy : construct the communication strategy and deploy the operational calendar in collaboration with the Vintage Product Director 

-Drop: The vintage drops take place twice a month, you will work in collaboration with your manager to ensure that the products are put online.

-Reportings: Analysis of general site figures via Shopify and Google Analytics

-Creation of visuals for our social networks: ddevelop the notoriety of the vintage jewelry category on Instagram, think and make real ones

-Help with the implementation of retail for vintage: gcommunication and inventory management at new points of sale (Pop up store, major brands, concept store, Boutique GIGI PARIS)

-Participation in product shoots : dpackshots produced with worn jewelry


Required Skills 



-Creative spirit

-Proposal force

- Mastery of spelling and good writing skills

-Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom)

-The knowledge of Shopify would be a plus

-iMovie, or another editing platform would be a plus


Profile research 

-Bac + 3/4 in communication

-Learning or professionalization contract 


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Position 3: On and off line marketing project manager


Hierarchy : CEO & Product Directors


Role: Develop and strengthen the GIGI PARIS brand image by approaching and deploying press and influence partnerships as well as on and off line brand collaborations


Main Responsibilities:


-Definition of the strategic plan and operational calendar of collaborations / operations press, influence or with relevant brands

- Canvassing of influencers, journalists and partners

-Analysis and development of the distribution network of GIGI PARIS products

-Definition and operational management of operations with our partners on and off line

-Promotion of operations and collaborations on our networks

-Regular monitoring (monthly reporting) of the results of our collaborations

-Production of recommendations to improve performance and develop new partnerships / types of collaborations


Required Skills : 


-Ability to create visual and editorial content

- Mastery of social networks

-Fashion knowledge and influence trends

-Media / press knowledge

- Appetites for ethical and responsible brands, preferably French


Required profile : 


-Good communication skills

-Passionate about social networks & aware of new trends

-Sense of organization


I am applying here