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From stalls to e-shop 


Yesterday, the antique dealers had the wind in their sails. We flocked to their homes, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine or the Saint Ouen flea market, to snatch up their latest finds, original, exceptional, unique.    


When suddenly patatras! The tide has turned against them. Tastes have started to standardize, trends to follow one another at an infernal pace, constant renewal to prevail, and prices to plummet. 


For antique dealers, the battle was lost, but not the war!


The new wind turned devastating tornado. The standardization of tastes stifled creativity, the constant renewal hid materials tragically sacrificed, and low prices poor production conditions. 


The time for the revenge of the antique dealers has come. Their privileged battleground: the Internet. Antique dealers offer an accessible, responsible and desirable alternative.


GIGI PARIS launches into battle and brings together the best of antique dealers and passionate collectors, selected for their know-how and their unique style. 

Gigi Paris Vintage Jewelry

A family story 


GIGI PARIS is also a family story, that of Salomé. In his family, we were antique dealers from father to son yesterday, we are antique dealer from father to daughter today. 


Salomé grows above an antique restoration workshop. Between two hide-and-seek sessions in the storage spaces, she gets gold in her hair at the gilding workshop. 


After having passionately hunted down Louis XVI and Louis XVIII furniture, her father sets out in search of the most beautiful vintage jewelry. Some land, as if by magic, in Salomé's jewelry box!  


Her friends then ask her about her sublime jewelry. Magnanimous, Salomé shares her lode and assigns her father to find their rare pearl for them.


In January 2020, a new flagship has been added to the family crown, Salomé creates GIGI PARISShe surrounds herself with antique dealers and passionate collectors, to offer the crème de la crème of vintage jewelry to as many people as possible. 


In September 2020, GIGI PARIS adds a string to its bow and launches its first collection of upcycled jewelry by giving a second life to buttons taken from vintage tailors, woolens, coats and blouses of Maisons de Mode.