The 10 essential vintage pieces

Everyone knows, vintage never goes out of style. To build a timeless and strong style, here are the 10 essential vintage pieces, to be assembled endlessly.

1. The trench coat 

The trench coat is a timeless piece and a must-have. For impeccable quality, we take it from Burberry. It's a must-have for an elegant and sophisticated look. It adapts to all occasions, whether it is a movie outing, a date or a professional meeting.

2. The tweed blazer

A tweed blazer, straight out of the 70s, is the height of elegance. Look for models with metal buttons or checkered patterns. Chanel Obviously is famous for its iconic tweed blazers, offering a classic and refined look.

3. The oversized suit jacket

If I had to keep only one it would be this one. We take it from YSL. Yves Saint Laurent is often credited with introducing the suit jacket into the women's wardrobe. In 1966 he shook up fashion and the world with “the tuxedo”. This women's tuxedo was a feminized version of the traditional men's suit. By integrating the suit jacket into the women's wardrobe, YSL helped blur the lines between genders in fashion, promoting freedom and fighting against gender norms.

4. High-waisted jeans

High-waisted 80s jeans are both comfortable and flattering. They sculpt the silhouette while offering a casual and stylish look. Levi's, with its 501 and 505 models, remains an essential reference for vintage jeans, offering a perfect and durable fit.

5. Leather boots

Nothing beats a pair of 70s leather boots. Ideal for adding a twist to a long skirt. We take them from Frye ou dr martens

6. The denim jacket

The must-have. If there was only one room it would be this (I know I've said it before). Obviously choose an oversized cut from the 90s. We take them from Levi's ou Wrangler, robust and timeless.

7. Oversized shirts

We can obviously steal them from the men's locker room. Who still makes the difference? Choose from short or long sleeves, worn rolled up. For crazy quality and a reasonable budget, we'll take them from Pierre CardinTommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gant. The YSL are also incredible.

8. The dad cap

Making a comeback in the 2010s, its roots date back to the '90s. At that time, baseball caps with curved visors were commonly worn by father figures and athletes, giving rise to the term "dad cap." This style contrasted with the more structured, flat-brimmed snapback caps that were also popular during this era.

9. Le sac

A vintage leather handbag is a wise investment. If we have the budget, or the patience, we go on 2.55, by Chanel. Introduced by Coco Herslef in February 1955, it is widely recognized as the first bag to truly liberate women's hands. Before the introduction of this bag, most handbags were carried in the hand, which limited freedom of movement. Btw, it's also a great investment, or so they say, because we'll never sell it.

10. vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry is the finishing touch to perfect the outfit. Face, hand and body jewelry, exceptional qualities can only be found in vintage. GIGI-PARIS selects the most beautiful pieces for you.

Why integrate vintage into your wardrobe?

Economical and ecological, vintage pieces are also living testimonies of past eras and revolutions. By adding these treasures to your wardrobe, you enter the circle of thoughtful people, who consume with their heart. You give a second life to timeless pieces that have a soul. You create a personal and unique style.

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