How to choose your vintage earrings with style?

Warning: you choose your curls, and any clothing item, solely based on your personal style and taste! No one but you has a say. This article aims to give you avenues for exploration.

Earrings are the face jewel par excellence. In standard or XXL size, they draw all eyes to your face, catch the light, and elevate your look. They are an absolute must, and what's better than choosing them vintage? From 80s designs to Y2K, there is a choice! How to make the right one? This article will guide you in choosing the ideal earrings based on your face shape and skin tone. It will allow you to dare to use vibrant colors and select sizes and shapes that highlight your beautiful eyes and your splendid hair without stealing the spotlight. We will tell you which decade to draw from depending on whether you are a white, curly or baguette brunette, with light or black eyes like ebony.

But don't forget, (we repeat!) whatever advice you are given, the right answer is within you, only follow your instinct. Here, we give some leads, it's up to you to explore them or not to follow them, as you see fit wink wink (which still says wink haha).

Choosing earrings according to face shape

Generally speaking, the wider your face (or your cheek!) is, the more you can wear imposing curls, which will attract the lights and the eyes, without competing with your beautiful eyes. Jewelry is used to attract or divert attention, formidable weapons! We give you some ideas.


### Cute little face
Do you want small curls, so you don't get lost? It's from the 90s! In the minimalist trend, the 90s gave pride of place to clean and simple designs, geometric shapes and clean lines.

# # # V-shaped or heart-shaped face (triangular)
For a v-shaped or heart-shaped face, where the forehead is wider than the chin, you can opt for earrings that visually widen the lower part of the face. Dangling curls, especially those that widen towards the bottom, are perfect.

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# # # Round face
Round faces benefit from elongated or angled earrings that add length and slim the face. Avoid overly voluminous curls that accentuate roundness. Opt for curls 4 to 6 cm long. Dig into the 70s! Although '70s earrings weren't as statement-making as those of the '80s, they were often medium to large in size, with a tendency toward length rather than width.

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You can also do the opposite:

# # # Square or angular face
To soften the angular features of a square face, choose rounded or drop-shaped earrings. Dangling or medium-sized curls (around 3-5 cm) are ideal for softening the angles of the face. The 80s are made for you to go shine!

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# # # Long face
Long faces go well with wider, shorter earrings, which create the impression of width. The towering curls of 5 to 6 cm can balance the length of the face. Go dig into the 80s! The earrings were often large and showy. From huge hoop earrings to massive dangling curls, the trend was toward extravagance. What a joy to search in these treasures!

# # # Oval face

Oval faces are the most versatile and can wear almost any shape of earring. Experiment with various styles, from small curls of 2 cm to large dangles of 5 cm and more!

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Whatever your face shape, you can play with your hairstyle to modify it, accentuate or soften certain features. If you wear your hair up, or if you have a short cut (hot!), the hanging curls highlight the way you carry your head, a real dancer! Go 80s or Y2K for crazy looks

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Choose earrings according to skin tone

### Clear skin
Light complexions harmonize well with silver curls, which add a touch of freshness. For a warmer look, gold is also obviously suitable, especially in a matte finish. In color, pink is a hit!

### Tanned skin
Matte or tanned skin is highlighted by shiny gold. Copper buckles can also add an interesting touch. Pink suits you very well.

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### Dark skin
Dark skin tones are enhanced by golden curls. Silver earrings create an elegant contrast, especially in a shiny finish.2024 Olympics: Aya Nakamura ready to take legal action after the controversy over her

Highlight your hair and eyes with your vintage curls!

### Curly

EVERYTHING GOES TO YOU! Maxi earrings you are a queen. Do you prefer to contrast? Opt for refined shapes, whether curved or structured. Head to the 80s: geometric designs, like triangles, squares and circles, were very popular. Angular shapes and abstract patterns were common, you will find what you are looking for! Tired of circles and squares? Unlike the geometric shapes of the 80s, 70s earrings were characterized by more organic and flowing shapes. The designs were often rounded and inspired by nature. Don't forget the hoop earrings, your basic!

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### Hair up, short cut

Choose elaborate curls! The translucent briolette tassels will be fantastic, especially when the sun hits them. The articulated buckles will provide movement.

 Whatever the material of your hair, do you want to be eccentric? Go 80s! The Roaring Twenties of bestiaries, they are full ofDesigns in the shape of animals, fruits or various objects were common


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### Blond hair
Blonde hair pairs well with golden curls, which add warmth. White or silver curls can also enhance blonde hair with contrast.

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### Brown hair
Brown hair is versatile and can be complemented with gold or silver curls. Red, blue or green curls can add a bold pop of color.

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### Red hair
Red hair is magnified by golden or copper curls. Green curls create a vibrant contrast and complement red hair beautifully.

### White or gray hair
White or gray hair is enhanced by silver curls, which enhance its natural shine. Black or gold curls can also create an elegant and sophisticated contrast.

White and full diameter suit everyone! 

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### Light eyes (blue and green)
Silver or gold earrings highlight light eyes, creating a bright contrast. Blue or white curls can also accentuate eye color.

### Brown eyes
Brown eyes are versatile and pair well with gold, copper, or silver curls. Black or gold buckles add understated elegance.


Face :
| Heart | Dangling curls that widen towards the bottom |
| Round | Elongated and angular curls (4-6 cm) |
| Square | Rounded or drop curls (3-5 cm) |
| Long | Wide and short curls (5-6 cm) |
| Oval | All shapes, from small curls (2 cm) to xxl |
| Rectangular | Rounded curls (2-5 cm) |

Skin tone:
| Clare | Silver, matte gold, white |
| Mate | Shiny gold, red, green |
| Dark | Gold, shiny silver, black, pink |

Hair :
| Blondes | Gold, white, silver |
| Browns | Gold, silver, red, green |
| Red | Gold, copper, green |
| Whites/grays | Silver, black, gold |

| Curly | ALL |
| Attached / short | Translucent, articulated tassels |

 Eyes :
| Light eyes (blue/green) | Silver, gold, blue, white |
| Brown eyes | Gold, copper, silver, black |

Choosing your earrings based on your face shape and skin tone can transform your look and feel. But above all, the goal is to have fun! Drawing from the vintage repertoire will allow you to transform yourself as you wish, go test, go shine!

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