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The brilliant return of the Brooch, we love

You have noticed, the return to favor of the brooch. If there was still one proof that fashion is an eternal restart, here it is. 


A publicized return of the brooch

We see it everywhere. Parades, red carpets, advertising spots ... this is the piece to adopt urgently in your dressing room.

Brooches in fashion shows


Terribly Parisian, we obviously noted the brooch stitched on Lily Rose Depp's beret in Chanel advertising n5.

Jewel brooch on beret advertising ChanelVintage brooch jewelry Chanel advertising

Long neglected by the youngest, avoided by the less young, the brooch comes to the end of this long disenchantment to be reborn from its ashes, with brilliance. Wonderfully vintage, it carries with it a chic from another time. Tastefully adjusted, the brooch will often be the highlight of an outfit. 

What pattern to choose for this jewel?

  • We will be soon figurative : diamond dragonfly, roaring panther or bohemian snake ... A bestiary to slip over a tuxedo for Parisian chic.
  • Sometimes abstract : circles, squares, lines and curves… A whole geometry to pin on a collar with elegance and shine with style.

If the brooch lends itself to any fantasy, the brooch logo is protesting. Be aware of the values ​​of the brands you carry.

Frenchy Parisian-style brooch jewel on a suit


One or more pins?

Alone or matched, by harmonizing the colors but by playing on the varieties of finishes (polished, hammered, scratched), this jewel lends itself more than readily to stacking, this very current trend (from the English verb to stack, stack in French, it is a question of marrying a (very) large number of rings, necklaces, bracelets etc.)

Stacking of vintage brooches worn over a denim jacket and worn over pants

On which item of clothing should this jewel be pinned?

  • Street or chic : the brooch works just as well on a denim jacket as on the lapel of a suit jacket
  • From bottom to top : it wisely retains the folds of a skirt, enhances a jacket or a sweater, helps to tie a scarf, but also enhances a beret or felt hat

A jewel in its own right, therefore, that we will wear without hesitation for soften somewhat coarse textures like denim, wool tweed or even the fleece of a sweatshirt. On a silk or an organza the brooch will be more first degree. For the more daring, we can associate the brooch with other vintage accessories, mittens in particular.


Inspi brooch only on the lapel of a chic jacket

However, beware of weight / material ratio, you must not damage your clothing at the end of the day. In addition, the result is not flattering when you put a too heavy brooch on a fabric that is too fragile.

So where do we start? Where to buy these pretty brooches?

At Gigi Paris we offer a special brooch collection. For creative people, we offer individual brooches to match according to your wishes. And for those who have less inspiration (and for those in a hurry) we are launching assortments, with a small discount on the price :) 

Assortments of vintage Miima Paris brooches worn over a stylish jacket or over a denim jacket

Assortment of vintage golden Miima Paris brooches worn on a denim jacket

Links to Gigi Paris products pictured above:


Golden pins on the gray jacket
    • Golden flower brooch SOLD 
    • Abstract brooch:


    Silver pins on the denim jacket:


    Golden brooch on the blue jacket

    • Oak leaf brooch Ines de la Fressange: SOLD  


    Gold pins on the denim jacket: 

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