And you, do you like your 80s, 90s, Y2K jewelry?

Jewelry has gone through numerous transformations to reach us, reflecting the cultural, economic and aesthetic changes of each decade. The prerogative of women, her story is our story. Let's explore together the trends and styles that have marked each era over the decades.


The 50s: glamor and opulence

The war is over. After the rigors, the 50s were synonymous with glamor and opulence. Jewelry returns, and once again becomes symbols of wealth and social status. The materials used mainly include gold, diamonds and large gemstones.

What did we wear in the 50s?

  • Pearl necklaces like it was raining : essential for any elegant woman, often worn in several rows.
  • Floral brooches : flowers, leaves, bouquets, often decorated with diamonds and colored stones.
  • The must is the cocktail ring : large ring adorned with colored stones, perfect for attracting attention at parties


The 60s: the era of experimentation

The 60's were a period of break with tradition. Jewelry became bolder and more colorful, reflecting the cultural movements and social revolutions of the time. It's the time of the conquest of space, and you can feel it!

So what did we wear in the 60s? 

  • The beginning of plastic and resin jewelry : introduction of non-traditional materials, allowing lighter and more colorful designs and unleashing creativity
  • Geometric patterns are in fashion : jewelry with simple and angular shapes, often in silver metal
  • Futuristic designs: influenced by the space race, it is the era of spherical or architectural shapes and shiny materials

The 70s: bohemian time

The 70s saw the rise of the bohemian movement. Our jewelry is transformed! The pieces become more relaxed, natural and often inspired by hippie culture. Globalization is accelerating, we are interested in other cultures. We seek to get closer to nature, to craftsmanship.

What we wore in the 70s:

  • Natural, wood and bone jewelry : we are looking for a more organic look
  • Pendants and amulets : often decorated with mystical symbols and semi-precious stones for energy
  • Ethnic jewelry : influences from cultures around the world, with tribal motifs and traditional artisan techniques

The 80s: Extravagance and excess

The 80s were characterized by extravagance and excess. This is the absolute era of self-affirmation.

So what do we wear?

  • XXL jewelry : oversized necklaces, XXL earrings and arms covered with bracelets, the jewel becomes armor
  • Gold and shiny : predominance of yellow gold and shiny stones, often worn in multiple layers
  • A ton of plastic jewelry : colorful and bold pieces, often worn to add a touch of fun

The 90s: Minimalism and grunge

The 90s marked a return to minimalism, with more discreet and refined jewelry. The grunge movement also influences jewelry styles, with darker and rebellious pieces.

What we wear 

  • Minimalist jewelry : fine chains, small rings and discreet earrings
  • It's the era of piercings : on the ears and elsewhere, often adorned with small silver earrings
  • Gothic jewelry : choker necklaces, silver rings and dark patterns, often associated with grunge style

The 2000s to today: Diversity and individuality

Since the 2000s, jewelry has become a means of personal expression, with a wide variety of styles available. Trends are often influenced by celebrities, social media and sustainable fashion movements.

What are we wearing?

  • Personalized jewelry : tailor-made, adjustment, engraving, initials, it’s time for personalization
  • Ethical jewelry : return to vintage, use of recycled materials and traceable precious stones for sustainable jewelry.
  • Mix and match : combination of different styles, metals and stones to create unique and personal looks



The evolution of jewelry since the 50s reflects the evolution of our concerns, our mentalities, our hopes. From the glamor of the 50s to the freedom of modern times, jewelry continues to fascinate and inspire. At GIGI PARIS we love our era, because it is liberated. We no longer conform to a fashion, we choose our style. Vintage jewelry is making a comeback because it is ethical, and because it frees our style. We are free to wear what we want, how we want.


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