5 ways to wear your jewelry in original ways


The first credo of vintage is to not look like your neighbor. So for our vintage lovers, we looked for original ways to wear your jewelry, far from the wise pearl necklace. We share our ideas with you like so many avenues to investigate. STYLE TRACKS.



We choose it voluminous, sunny, colored or with stunning golden reflections. When it comes to earrings, the trend is for jewelry that goes it alone.

Recent trend, since this brilliant idea is attributed to Dior in 2013, the monoboucle returned to the forefront of the fashion scene. Recently spotted on the Balmain fashion show, we are at Jacquemus that we like the most.

With which coiffure ? Simple ponytail for the more cautious, neglected bun for those who do not want to seem to touch it, or boxer braids for the more "edgy": bet on hairstyles highlighting your head carriage.

At Dior we match it with a scarf and a very modern look.

And if not, single loop or mismatched



 Here, it is not a jewel that counts but assembly global. This trend can apply to absolutely all types : necklaces and bracelets, thin or thick, rings of course but also brooches for example. 

How match rooms ? You can choose a conductive line such as color, style or era. 

Falling into excess, who cares? At GIGI PARIS we think of clothing and accessorization as means of personal expression. And there are days when you want to do too much.





He is the must of the sensuality. A double wrap necklace or a too large bracelet can very well lend themselves to the game. Diverted piece or specialized jewel, the ankle jewel comes light up our ankle with a sensual bohemian link.

Very 90s, he reappeared on the catwalks in 2018 and never leaves them. You will see it on all the hottest girls on vacation on the Amalfi Coast, Ibiza or the French Riviera, if you care.  

How to wear it? For our greatest happiness, the ankle jewelry is available in a golden, beaded or colored version, pandering to every whim for a style, bohemian, romantic, tribal, elegant. We associate it with sandals, sandals or even with sneakers for those who like to play on contrasts. For the more creative, we slip socks underneath, colored or with ruffles.


It is a trick that we know well but thatwe don't use enough. We often wear one (some?) choker necklaces on a pretty turtleneck for example. Dior offers us a sublime revisit with his crew neck on shirt collar. Buttoned up.

 The trick of the jewel on top, it is also used with a machete, to nicely blouse the fabric of a sleeve for example.

In the same vein and a little less expected, we suggest the bracelet or the ring over a glove. Know concerning the wearing of the ring on the glove, that it is against the label, but we are not really royalist here. Let their heads be cut off. The bracelet on the glove is admitted to him, since the Queen does it.

To attract all eyes (and finally wear this ring that we bought too big) we adopt the ring over the glove. The jewel over it allows you to break the aristocratic side to return to the fashion side.

How do we wear it? Some style tracks to explore:

- You can choose gloves in tulle or lace. 

- This composition works very well with a golden ring, but also with a colored stone ring. 

- Regarding the choice of the colors of the gloves, the ring and the outfit, we put on the color block (in this case the match must be perfect), the tone on tone, or on two opposite colors which blend harmoniously.



Sometimes the jewel hides where it is not expected. The glasses chain for example, but we can still see further.

Here again, it is Jacquemus who inspires us, with pieces such as the bob jewel or jeweled sandals. Revisiting this classic of the Jacquemus season unveils us in an upgraded version of the bob with its jewel chain in Swarovski crystals.


For her sandals, the golden chains studded with fancy pearls surrounding the heel undulate to the rhythm of the steps. To decorate these explosive accessories, we confront metals, we compete for creativity.



 Where do we find this? So obviously at Jacquemus. In terms of jewelry-sandals (literally) you will also find treasures at Amina Muaddi.

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