⚪️ White Chanel upcycled bracelet - GIGI PARIS

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Upcycled bracelet from vintage white Chanel button from GIGI PARIS
⚪️ White Chanel upcycled bracelet
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  • Load the image in the gallery, ⚪️ White Chanel upcycled bracelet

⚪️ White Chanel upcycled bracelet

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HISTORY: the pioneers of haute couture upcycling

GIGI PARIS is writing a new page in the great book of Fashion. We invent a Responsible Fashion without compromise, which turns to vintage to mix eras and styles, and because the only way not to pollute is not to produce.

At GIGI PARIS you will find every week a new arrival of freshly picked vintage nuggets, high-end designer pieces and passionately imagined upcycled jewelry.

Our upcycled capsules are designed from elements taken from ready-to-wear or vintage accessories from our favorite Fashion Houses: buttons, padlocks, chains, etc. We offer a second life to the most worn or old-fashioned parts.

Everything is imagined here, everything is found here, everything is transformed here, at Paris,
by our team of sorceresses 🥰

CONCEPT: authentic pieces, upcycled

We have found sublime vintage buttons, taken from old suits, jackets or woolens from our favorite fashion houses. We mounted these little pendant wonders by hand, with all our love. We work with a collective of antique dealers in whom we have complete confidence as well as a team of experts who authenticate our antique pieces to us.

PRODUCT: the upcycled bracelet

This one is a silver and white Chanel (2.5cm). In the center, we find the iconic CC logo, unchanged since the 20s, in multiple copies as well as the inscription of the letters "Chanel" affixed around it. It is mounted as a necklace on a thick stainless steel curb chain (12cm). 


Our jewelry has been designed so that your skin, which does not have a neutral pH, is never in contact with the button, in order to prevent any allergic reaction for you, and to limit wear and tear on the jewelry. For this we use quality primers. Our buttons are mounted on gold plated stainless steel (chains included). The buttons are often made of metal, and should not be too exposed to water, although they have been designed by the Fashion Houses to withstand washing or pressing.


GIGI PARIS invents its upcycled products without any affiliation. It is to meet the challenge of the century, that of the climate emergency, that we have developed these techniques for recycling waste from the textile industry, the second most polluting industry. No one asked us to do it. We are free thinkers.

Our products are original creations by GIGI PARIS, handmade in Paris.